Welcome the the Doral Décor District website!

The “Doral Décor District, Inc.” has been established to enhance the profitability and public image of Merchants, Businesses and Property Owners within the “Doral Décor District”.

Providing Marketing, Branding and Advocacy  and Support to the members of the  Doral Décor District Merchants Association, Inc. .

Facilitating Professional Growth & Development opportunities; providing resources and expertise through research and continuing education to enhance professional growth for our members and ourselves

The Merchants Association will communicate openly and honestly, listening and valuing the opinions of others in the interest of all.

The “Board of Directors” and staff  will work together to be supportive of each other and be accountable to our members. The Board will act with integrity and professionalism at all times and will demonstrate high standards and skills, going above and beyond one’s responsibilities.

The Merchants Association will encourage our merchant and associate members to conduct business through teamwork, professionalism and ethical principles.

Create a “Merchant / Business / Property Owner Community Voice within the Doral Décor District, providing “One Voice … One District”

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