Members are encouraged to be a part of the DDDMA. They may participate on committees, special events, and/or contribute ideas to better the DDDMA and their community DDD (Doral Decor District) reach goals and help accomplish the Master Plan.

  • Aftemar Kitchen Cabinet & Home Gallery
  • Arking Solutions Inc.
  • Bercow Radell & Fernandez PA
  • Blanco Flooring Inc.
  • Casa Linda Tile & Marble Distribution
  • Crudele Family
  • Doral Flex LLC
  • Doral Hardwood Floor USA Corp.
  • Doral Office Park LLC
  • IBR Consultants Inc. / Nova Bank Card Rep.
  • Ker Tiles LLC
  • Mann Family
  • Marmol Export USA
  • Opustone Natural Stone Distributors
  • Power Depot Inc.
  • Ring Power Corp.
  • RVN RE Consultant
  • The Tile Center of Miami Corp.
  • USA Tile & Marble Corp.
  • United Ceramics
  • Villar Family
  • Warehouse Management Inc.
  • WestVest Assoc. Inc.

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